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When we use the term waterproof, it indicates that the membranes used in the DexShell laminated fabrics are waterproof. It does not mean however that you can submerge your waterproof socks in water or ride for many hours in the rain without experiencing some water ingress. The water may run into the socks from the tops leading to you then believing that they’re not waterproof! However all of our garments will keep the worst of the water out and protect from splashes and any water that enters your shoe. Of course we have also developed socks using our DEXLOK™ technology (cuff seal) that can stop water ingress when you wade across river intermittently – so this is an option open to you.



Thank you for your purchase. We stand behind all of our products. DexShell wants you to be happy.  If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.
We suggest you reading our Product Guarantee page in details first. If you do believe you found a manufacturing flaw on one of DexShell products, you have the right to claim a replacement, or refunding subject to the return policy of the vendor you bought from. We also have to indicate that the Lifetime means the reasonable lifetime of the clothing type of products, certainly not the lifespan of human beings!
Again, our Limited Lifetime Guarantee does not cover the claims damaged by improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, natural breakdown of colours and materials over extended time and use, and even destroyable tests.
We reserve the right to change this policy at our discretion.