Q. Why DexShell?

A. DexShell is a popular choice for waterproof series because of its innovative technology and high-quality materials. DexShell uses a unique three-layer construction that incorporates a waterproof membrane, a moisture-wicking inner layer, and a durable outer layer. This design ensures that the products are not only waterproof, but also breathable and comfortable to wear.

Q. Why are DexShell products waterproof?

A. DexShell products are waterproof because of our unique three-layer construction that incorporates a waterproof  porelle® membrane. The membrane is sandwiched between an outer layer and an inner layer, which helps to prevent water from penetrating through the sock while allowing moisture to permeate.

Q. How breathable are DexShell waterproof products?

A. The membrane barrier is 100% waterproof and 75% breathable (BS 7209:1990 STM 200), thanks to Porelle’s more than 40 years manufacturing knowhow. For better understanding breathability, please take a look at 100% waterproof yet non-breathable neoprene rubber material versus non-waterproof yet 100% breathable polo shirt fabric.



Q. Can I use your waterproof socks for swimming or other sports that need to submerge the socks?

A. No. Please note the term 'waterproof' indicates that Only the fabric with membrane sandwiched is waterproof. It doesn't mean however you can submerge DexShell socks in water or ride for many hours in the rain without experiencing some water ingress. The water may run into the socks from the tops leading you to believe that they’re not waterproof!

Q. Is the out-layer also waterproof?

A. No.  The outer layer is typically made from durable materials such as nylon or polyester which makes the waterproof socks more durable.

Q. Will my feet be wet in DexShell waterproof socks?

A. No. DexShell waterproof socks are designed to keep feet dry by using a unique three-layer construction. The inner layer is made of high-tech fibers that have excellent moisture-wicking and breathability properties, which helps to quickly remove sweat from the foot and keep it dry and comfortable. The middle layer is a waterproof and breathable membrane that effectively prevents water from penetrating inside the sock while ensuring sufficient breathability.

Q. Why did I feel a bit cool when I walked into waters? Was my waterproof sock leaking?

A. No. Please note the waterproof socks can keep your feet dry but the cold water outside still effects and gets the temperature dip.

Q. What size should I choose?

A. The DexShell socks have four sizes available. Please refer to the size chart below. If you are at the edge of a size or if you have wide feet, we advise you to CHOOSE A SIZE UP from your normal shoe size.

 DexShell Waterproof socks size guide

Due to the composite fabric construction, we recommend choosing a size up especially if you are at the edge.

Q. How to wash your waterproof socks?

A. Machine wash tumble dry low. Normal detergents. DO NOT DRY ON ANY DIRECT HEAT which will cause delamination of composite fabrics!



Q. What is the difference between DexShell waterproof knit gloves and DexFuze® waterproof gloves?

A. The former is composited with knit glove components for both inner and outer. So they're basically flat gloves with silicon palm dotting and membrane inserts. The latter is in an ergonomic construction, which was innovatively composited with knit glove inner and anatomically designed outer glove.

Q. What size should I choose?

A. Please carefully gauge your hand as per the size instruction below. No two hands are alike and finger length relative to palm size ranges from person to person so please identify the approximate size appropriate for you. Note the measurement could be slightly variant in 1 cm.

Gloves size guide

Q. How to wash DexFuze® waterproof gloves?

A. Maximum washing temperature 30°C (86°F), normal process. Do not bleach. Drip dry. Do not wring out. KEEP AWAY FROM ANY DIRECT HEAT WHEN DRYING.



Q. What is the difference between DexShell waterproof beanie and the DexFuze® waterproof watch hat?

A. The former is assembled with normal beanie shell and laminated fleece liner. The latter is in the totally composited fabric construction, which means the outer shell and the fleece liner are laminated together with membrane sandwiched.

Q. What size should I choose?

A.Most of the DexShell hats have two sizes available. For only one size of hat please refer to the size of S/M.

 DexShell Waterproof hats size guide

Q. How to wash DexShell waterproof hats?

A. Maximum washing temperature 30°C (86°F), normal process. Do not bleach. Drip dry. Do not wring out. KEEP AWAY FROM ANY DIRECT HEAT WHEN DRYING.