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Color | Olive Green

Size | Small

Thermal Rating | 4

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Waterproof and breathable.
Merino wool terry loop cushioning underfoot.



Outer: 98% Nylon, 2% Elastane.
Interlining: Porelle® Membrane.
Inner: 38% Merino Wool, 38% Acrylic, 24% Nylon.



size US (MEN) US (WOMEN) Euro UK CM
Small 4-6 5-7 36-38 3-5 22-24
Medium 6.5-9 7.5-10 39-42 6-8 24-26
Large 9.5-12 10.5-13 43-46 9-11 26-28
X Large 12.5-14.5 47-49 12-14 28-30
DexShell Waterproof Trekking Socks


Ideal for trekking, hiking and other activities in difficult wet environments where keeping your feet warm and dry is important. Transform your experience in wet weather with dry comfort!

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Porelle® waterproof breathable membranes have been engineered for lamination to create high performance fabrics for different market applications.

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Porelle membranes
Merino wool


Warm, breathable, moisture repellent and anti-static, Merino has the capacity to deal with moisture like no other yarns, absorbing perspiration and releasing it into the air as vapor. Luxuriously soft and gentle against the skin, it is naturally odor resistant too.

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Explore hidden trails anywhere in the world, or feel the thrill of beating a well-worn path, in DexShell waterproof breathable socks — singularly superb socks that will not let even one water droplet through, whilst still allowing your feet to breathe.

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DexShell waterproof trekking socks

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Anna L.
Definitely waterproof

I had a pair of what I'll call first gen waterproof socks (another brand, not Dexshell) from about 10 years ago. They worked well to keep water from entering the sock but the waterproof membrane didn't breath well, were stiff and crunched when you walked. I was hesitant to try water proof socks again but I had the need for them recently and decided to give these a try based on the reviews. The Dexshell socks felt really close to normal socks and kept all moisture out of the sock when I hiked in slushy snow with non-waterproof hiking shoes. As expected these socks didn't breath as well as a pair of merino wool socks but did breath significantly better than my first gen waterproof socks. I don't recommend these socks for warm to hot climates but for cool to cold climates they'll work very well.

- Toe area feels a little bulky
- Hand wash only
- Water can still seep in at the top (no rubber seal like my first gen sock)
- Not as breathable as regular socks

+ Fit is very close to a normal sock
+ Internal seams either don't exist or are very well suppressed
+ Didn't leak anywhere and kept my feet dry
+ Interior of the sock is very soft. No perceived stiffness

These socks are great for situations where waterproof shoes aren't a good solution (Think long, mostly dry hikes with an occasional water crossing) or for medium to short hikes in wet weather. Over longer distances your feet will get sweaty faster because of the reduced breathing.

Tom H.
They work great!

We bought one pair each of the standard socks and the fully insulated socks for each of us. The recommended sizing was correct. The socks are comfortable for all-day wear. The fully insulated pair is more comfortable because it has the curly wool insulation throughout rather than just under and up the sides of the foot. The standard pair is noticeRead more about review stating They work great!ably thinner than than the fully insulated pair, but both fit inside our shoes OK. (if you wear thin socks and tight-fitting shoes then you might have a problem.) They don't feel like normal socks on the outside, but they aren't neoprene so they don't feel like a wetsuit. We bought these socks because we knew we'd be walking occasionally through cold water in our running shoes during this vacation, but there was no justification for buying waterproof hiking boots. We found that the socks were 100% waterproof as claimed. At the end of the day our feet were dry and comfortable. We will probably use these socks in moderate winter conditions as well, to avoid needing to wear bulky boots. They do take considerable time to air dry, because you have to dry one side, then turn them inside out and dry the other side. Plan on 2 - 3 days to air-dry. You have to wash both sides separately as well, so probably you'll wear them several times between washings. We're very satisfied so far, but it's too soon to comment on durability.

Derek H.
Great sock

I bought these for an October elk hunting in Co. My buddy said the snow was melting and going down his boots. I told him to try these, since I was done hunting. He raved about them and bought a pair on amazon before we made it home. I have personally never worn them, but we were spike camping and hunting on foot all day.

John L.
Pretty dry feet.

Using these for dogs walks in muddy fields. Waterproof socks seem incredibly expensive, but they do keep my feet nice and dry. Dont think 100% but certainly drier than normal socks.

Hamlin H.

The socks are perfect for biking in the winter months. Keep your feet nice and dry. Absolutely brilliant.

A Trustworthy Brand

Market Proven Reliability

After a decade of enduring adventure, DexShell is now the market leader with our technically advanced, media acclaimed and well proven range of element repellent socks, gloves and hats. They effectively defy cold, wet, and any detrimental weather conditions protecting as reliably as they perform. Now proven to be the best in the market, we intend to keep them there!

OEKO-Tex® Standard 100

The full range of DexShell waterproof breathable socks have been awarded the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification, a global textile product safety certification program that tests textile products for chemical substances, which are believed to be harmful to human health.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

With our own production facilities, we can supervise and control the manufacturing process to ensure consistent and reliable ‘WATERPROOF’ quality for every piece of our products to our customers. We guarantee every product against defects in materials and workmanship.