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DexShell opted to use PrimaLoft® not because it is the expensive premium insulation synthetic in the market place, but more was allured by the brand culture ‘Felt by you, Felt by the planet’. Apart from that, PrimaLoft® has been proven to be the highest performing synthetic, given its great weight to warmth ratio and the CLO rating[*] of .92 in dry/.90 in wet, versus 800 Fill Down’s rating of 1.1


PrimaLoft® is a brand of patented synthetic microfiber thermal insulation material that was developed for the United States Army in the 1980s. With over 40 years innovating for warm, dry and comfortable performance, PrimaLoft® is used by over 900 brands globally and trusted by olympians, designers, militaries and outdoor adventurers.


PrimaLoft® Gold offers the highest warmth to weight ratio of all PrimaLoft styles of insulation.  This batting style of insulation features microfibers that trap body heat, maintain breathability, and repel water providing thermal insulation even when wet.  The short microfibers in PrimaLoft® Gold make it the softest and most packable style of PrimaLoft®.


The other attractive advantage of PrimaLoft® is that it continues to provide insulation even when wet, which is where down strugglesWet PrimaLoft continues to provide 96% of the insulating capability compared to when it is dry. This feature is absolutely ideal for the waterproof accessories like DexShell waterproof gloves. In addition, different weights of PrimaLoft® Gold insulation have very similar or minor different CLO ratings thus DexShell selected the lightest 40 grams of its range for its Ultra Weather gloves and Arendal Biking gloves.


[*] The CLO is the standard unit of measure to test the warmth to weight ratio in a given synthetic insulation. This ratio is also known as the CLO rating or the fabrics relative measure to keep the wearer warm.


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